About Us

At High Points Adventure Company, we are all about getting outside, enjoying the natural world and giving others the tools and knowledge to enjoy it as well. Our philosophy is based on two main concepts. 

First, safety and fun go hand-in-hand when it comes to outdoor adventure. We’re committed to providing as safe an environment as possible when experiencing the outdoors so that you can focus on enjoying yourself. This includes thorough, quality instruction that is relevant for the activity, proper planning and a deep understanding of risk management.

The second concept is that the more familiar we are with nature, the more likely we are to care about it and want to protect it. While we spend time learning skills and techniques for adventure-based activities, such as Standup Paddleboarding, the skills and techniques are used to experience the natural world. A tour or instructional period with High Points Adventure will  include a personal introduction to some local fauna and flora based on whatever nature throws our way during our time together. 

Our Founder

Ali Akhyari, the company’s founder and lead instructor has spent a lifetime exploring and enjoying the outdoors. As a professional, Ali spent time working as a Staff Naturalist at the “Inn at Middleton Place” where he conducted nature tours and kayak tours on the Ashley River in Charleston, SC. He spent seven years with the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission, running summer camps and working as the organization’s Outdoor Recreation Specialist. As a professional, he has  led trips and provided instruction for kids and adults from the coast to the mountains in the following activities since 2010:

  • Kayak (Tour and Surf)
  • SUP (Tour and Surf)
  • Mountain Bike
  • Canoe

This has included day camps, overnight camps and week-long excursions. Ali maintains the following credentials and certifications to ensure the highest quality experience and instruction for those who join him.

  • American Canoe Association Level 2 SUP Instructor
  • American Canoe Association Level 2 S.O.T. Surf Kayak Instructor
  • American Canoe Association Level 1 Canoe Instructor (Solo and Tandem)
  • American Canoe Association Sea Kayak Day Trip Leader
  • International Mountain Bike Association Level 2 Instructor
  • SC Master Naturalist
  • Leave No Trace Trainer
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Association for Challenge Course Technology Level 2 Practitioner